Data for East Sweden Hack

Tekniska verken makes it possible to combine a comfortable everyday life with a sustainable lifestyle. Tekniska verken is an integral part of everyday life for our 230,000 private and business customers, providing services that make life easier. They include electricity, lighting, water, district heating, district cooling, waste management, broadband, biogas, efficient energy solutions as well as electricity trading. The vision is to create the world’s most resource efficient region.

To obtain data for East Sweden Hack about 100 residential customers authorized us to use their consumption data.


Consumption data from private customers who live in villas in Linkoping.

  • Waste (How much waste the customer throws in the garbage. Garbage can emptied every two weeks and amount measured in kg)
  • Electricity (daily readings of electricity consumption in kWh)
  • District heating (daily reading of district heating in MWh)
  • Water (monthly reading of water consumption in m3)

Idea inspiration

Services and products that simplify and encourage to live a more resource-efficient life.


Data can be retrieved using a "REST-inspired" api. The request is sent as an http-POST call, The parameters of the query are transported as JSON i http-body of the request and the result is returned as JSON http-body of the response. The http-header of the request must contain an api-key which authenticates the client to the api.

Click this link for detailed technical information on how to use Tekniska Verken Open Data for East Sweden Hack.



Returns all customers and their personal information such as address e.t.c.


Returns the personal information for one customer.


Returns the point-of-delivery POD for one customer. A POD is where a customer consumes a commodity/service from Tekniska verken.


Returns a series of measurements (consumed amount) for a Measurement Function in a POD.
A POD may provide several Measurement Functions, MF, i.e. series of measurement values, (per day, per hour e.t.c.) for the same POD.
The format of the returned data depends on the MF.


Returns the sum and average per POD,MF for all measurement values and the total number of measrement values. The data may be restricted to a time interval and to one POD.

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