Illustration på hur laddstationen kommer att se ut när den har öppnat

Innovative charging station for heavy traffic

Society is becoming more electrified and the need for electrical energy is constantly increasing. We want to be a leading player in this development and therefore we are now creating the charging station of the future for heavy transport, prepared for the new charging standard MCS. We are making this investment together with Scania, Mjölby municipality and Mjölby-Svartådalen Energi. The initiative is called ChargeLab Mjölby.

One of the first MCS stations in Europe

The new charging station, ChargeLab Mjölby, will be strategically located in Mjölby, which is right next to the E4 motorway and is a natural place to rest during long-distance transport. We plan to open it in June 2024, and the station will have up to eight charging points with the current charging standard, Combined Charging System (CCS), and two points for pilot activities with the new charging standard, Megawatt Charging System (MCS). When MCS is launched, the sites will be ready for immediate use. This makes the station one of the first in Europe to use the new standard. 

Faster charging with greater capacity

MCS is a newer technology than CCS and offers faster charging with greater capacity. MCS has been designed specifically for heavier transport and has a charging capacity of up to 3 750 kW.  Here, a lorry will be able to charge in 45 minutes.

A place for innovation and development

We are constantly working to develop solutions that better optimise and use the available power, in order to meet the increased demand for electricity driven by the electrification of society. Therefore, the station will also be a pilot for new solutions in real-time power optimisation. Among other things, there will be a powerful four megawatt (MWh) battery on site. The battery will be able to equalise and support the grid during power peaks.