Technical visits

Based on our long term experience of waste incineration (Combined Heat and Power) and Biogas production we offer Technical visits to companies who wish to learn more about Waste-to-Energy. We have great knowledge about complex energy systems and through the Technical visits you will gain a greater understanding of the complexity, the solutions and the techniques available for efficient waste management, Power and Heat production and production of Biogas to vehicle fuel.

The Technical visits are offered to businesses, politicians and civil servants that have a great interest in Waste-to-Energy and wish to learn from a company that is a global leader in sustainable development.

Depending on your core of interest we will adapt the Technical visit to your liking. When you contact us, please give us a short description of your field of interest so that we can plan the visit accordingly and involve the right experts. We need your request about a month in advance. All Technical visits are made on a commercial basis.

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