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An “infraculvert” is a shared space for all subterranean infrastructure. A unique prefabricated solution, it allows fast and efficient installation, simultaneously constituting a flexible set-up that helps reduce future costs for both operation and maintenance. In short, it is a smart option all-round – primarily for new builds, but also for established constructions.

More and more people are moving to the cities, and it is becoming increasingly common for completely new urban areas to develop. Water, wastewater, heating, power cables, broadband and refuse management make up a significant part of the infrastructure, and smart solutions may therefore prove crucial to future operation and maintenance. Conventional options entail having to dig up roads whenever new builds or renovation projects are launched: costly procedures that cause serious disruption to traffic, the local community and the environment in general.

In an infraculvert, all pipes and cables – electrical, fibre, district heating, wastewater, drinking water and vacuum waste collection systems – are gathered together in a giant plastic culvert with a diameter of 3.5 metres. This translates into excellent conditions for the pipe network, makes it easier to check and inspect the pipes and cables, and reduces future excavation work.
The manufacture of pipes and the prefabrication of media ducts are carried out at our partner’s facility: the Uponor Infra factory in Fristad, north of Borås in Sweden.

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The infraculvert opens up entirely new opportunities in the field of infrastructure solutions, with the emphasis very much on social and ecological sustainability. New installation, maintenance and renewal all become much easier when everything is gathered together in the same place. In practice, it means fewer closed streets during planned maintenance, the ability to deal with acute situations quickly and efficiently without having to disrupt traffic, and a better working environment for operation and maintenance personnel.

In contrast to conventional installations, the infraculvert can deal with tougher terranean conditions because of its inherent properties; for example, it is waterproof.

Gathering all infrastructure in a single place simultaneously frees up more land for building, appreciably expanding the available construction area. This makes the infraculvert a financially beneficial investment for the landowner. What is more, it makes it possible to build in places which would otherwise not be financially viable to develop.

Other benefits of an infraculvert:

  • The culvert allows the use of vacuum waste collection systems, which in turn means less heavy traffic in the area.
  • It becomes easier to reuse, renew and add to the pipes and cables in an infraculvert.
  • An infraculvert is quick to install on site. In Vallastaden, Linköping, Sweden, we installed 90 metres of culvert and restored the land in a single working day.

Infra culvert

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