Biogas – process additive

Tekniska verken has developed a process additive to optimize the biogas production. The additive is patent protected and is used by many biogas plants around Europe.

The process additive has several positive effects on the biogas process;

  1. It reduces hydrogen sulfide (H2S) directly in the digester, avoiding problems with odor and potential toxicity in the digester
  2. Supplies the microorganisms with the “right” trace elements and nutrients which makes the microorganisms more effective and removes the bottleneck of the methanogenesis
  3. Lowers the ammonia toxicity in the reactors by reducing the pH

All in all, the use of the additive normally results in a more stable biogas process which allows an increase of the organic loading rate and thus results in higher volumetric biogas production.

Kemira Oyj has an exclusive license for the patent and to produce and sell the process additive all around Europe. The process additive is sold under the trademark “Kemira BDP”.

Read more about Kemira BDP. 

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