About us

Tekniska verken makes it possible to combine a comfortable everyday life with a sustainable lifestyle. We also make it possible for companies to combine efficient use of resources with profitability. Our products and services are based on making use of resources that would otherwise have been lost; often in several stages and always in the most efficient way. The result is one of the world’s most resource-efficient energy systems. 

Few municipally owned companies in our industry have as many ongoing business areas as we have. By connecting production processes and creating a common context between different parts of the business, Tekniska verken is in an almost unique position to contribute to a sustainable society.

Tekniska verken is building new plants for energy recovery, quality assuring the production of drinking water, developing waste management processes and much more. Together with our customers, we promote development in the direction of our vision - to build the world’s most resource-efficient region.

Accepting the challenge - the way forward!

In less than two hundred years, exploitation of the earth’s resources has increased dramatically, as have emissions of greenhouse gases, mainly from use of fossil fuels. The fundamental problem is that earth is a closed system with finite resources. The greatest challenge for the future is to re-create a resource-efficient society; Tekniska verken has taken up this challenge. 

On our way towards the future, we want to encourage commitment and develop good working relationships with the world around us.

A world of opportunities

The roots of Tekniska verken´s climate activities can be found in the Swedish climate policy, incorporating both national as well as common EU goals and policy instruments, which have become more stringent over time. Our ambition is to surpass these goals and at the same time become a national and global role model in sustainable development. When recovering energy from waste products, we contribute to reducing emissions of greenhouse gases and when we use food waste to produce biogas the number of vehicles powered by renewable fuels increases.

As the amount of electricity we extract from renewable sources increases, the need to import coal-based electricity decreases resulting in a reduction in the level of global carbon dioxide emissions. These are important steps in our efforts to generate value for our customers both today as well as in the future.

The Group’s guiding principle over many years is now becoming increasingly tangible – to use available resources in the best possible way and accept responsibility for the consequences. 

Social benefit, environmental considerations and business economics

Our vision contributes to building a sustainable society and the work we do covers three dimensions. To the benefit of society, our role to provide essentials such as districit heating, electricity, water, waste management, biogas, lighting and broadband. Environmental considerations means always finding solutions to optimise the use of resources while being considerate of the environment and climate. Business economics means offering attractive products and value for money while at the same time generating a profit that allows Tekniska verken to invest for the future. 

Tekniska verken is working parallel to achieve benefits in everyday life and at the same time implement long-term strategic investments. Our goal is not only to establish the conditions to enable our customers to work resource-efficiently, we shall also offer attractive products and services within the context of our mission.

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