Infra culvert Vallastaden

Tekniska verken in Linköping and Uponor Infra in Sweden are both innovative companies within their field of business, which are working towars the common goal to make people´s lives easier. We work with the invisible infrastructure underground that most of people take for granted. 

The companies common visions resulted in Infra culvert Vallastaden, where all infrastructure underground is gathered. All pipes for infra media such as pipes for potable water, waste water, district heating and cooling, cable and telecom and a waste system are installed in the culvert.

  • All inframedia are placed in one pipe.

  • Simple and a smooth alternative to traditional installation. 
  • Infra culverts create possibilities for a new type of smart underground infrastructure.

Sustainable choice

  • Will last for more than 100 years.
  • Optimal environment for pipes.
  • Good working environment for operating- and maintenance personnel.
  • Flexibel, replaceable and resyclebal.
  • Low carbon footprint.
  • Sustainable society now and in the future.

 Presentation video infra culvert 

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