About Tekniska verken

Tekniska verken is a regional company which aims to create an efficient community which is sustainable in the long term. We have around 260,000 private and corporate clients who benefit from our products and services – electricity, water, district heating, district cooling, waste management, broadband and biogas.

Energy from waste

Division Energy Waste produces and supplies district heating and cooling via its own network, as well as electricity which is sold on the Nordic electricity exchange. Production is based primarily at the Gärstadverket plant and the district heating power plant, as well as at our 38 hydropower stations. More than 90 percent of the households in Linköping are heated by district heating from Tekniska verken. We also supply district heating to Katrineholm, Borensberg, Kisa, Skärblacka, Åtvidaberg and Mjölby-Svartådalen Energi.

In addition, we recycle and process waste and operate landfill sites on behalf of householders and industrial operations. Our recycling centres at Gärstad, Ullstämma and Malmen in Linköping, as well as Vika in Katrineholm, are extremely popular.

At the Gärstad plant, waste from over thirty municipalities and recycling companies is incinerated for energy recovery. The Gärstad plant has the capacity to incinerate a total of 420,000 tons of sorted waste per year. Currently, less than five percent of household waste goes to landfill.

High-quality water

Division Water purifies water from lakes and watercourses so that it can be consumed and used in our homes. And we purify waste water before it returns to nature. We collect rainwater and transport it away. In our laboratories, we safeguard the quality of the water.

Linköping has around 2,000 km of pipes carrying drinking water, waste water and rain­water. Every resident of Linköping uses approximately 200 litres of water every day – water which is taken from the River Stångån and Motala Ström, and delivered through our two water treatment plants, Råberga and Berggården.

Focus on infrastructure

Our subsidiary, Stadspartner AB provides contract, consulting and planning services for new construction, operation and maintenance, project planning and emergency preparedness.

Stadspartner operates principally in the areas of water, waste, district heating, district cooling, electrical power, urban networks, property services and improving energy efficiency.

Specialists in networks

All our operations which involve networks have been brought together in our subsidiary Utsikt Nät AB. Utsikt is responsible for the mains network in the Municipality of Linköping, parts of the Municipality of Mjölby and large parts of the Municipality of Katrineholm. The company’s operation also includes maintaining street lighting in Linköping and offering light designs and lighting in outdoor locations.

Utsikt is also one of the region’s leading suppliers of safe and fast data communication services for private individuals, businesses, operators and property owners. Utsikt Bredband AB operates the urban net, the open local broadband networks, in Linköping, Katrineholm and Mjölby. Utsikt Bredband AB is a joint venture between Utsikt Nät AB and Mjölby- Svartådalen Energi AB.

Utsikt Nät also provides maintenance, consulting and planning within the areas of mains network, urban network and outdoor lighting.

Renewable electricity for the green market

The aim of Bixia AB is to be one of the country’s leading electricity trading companies which offers electricity and telephone services at prices which are competitive in the long term, as well as personal service which provides clients with added value. The company is owned by Tekniska verken and eight other local energy companies, so it is independent of the three large companies in the electricity market. The Bixia Group has customers throughout Sweden, and is one of the electricity trading companies in Sweden which buys and sells the largest proportion of electricity produced by smallscale plants.

Clean vehicle fuel for the environment

Our subsidiary, Svensk Biogas, is involved in market development of biogas as a vehicle fuel. The establishment of filling stations for the general public is a vital part of our regional approach. The development of processes and production concepts are other essential tasks.

Research and Development

Tekniska Verken in Linköping continuously works towards the vision to build the most resource-efficient region in the world, which benefits both the environment as well as the economy. To this aim, Research and Development is important for the company to develop, improve processes and remain in the forefront. Tekniska Verken conducts research within a number of areas relating to the company’s operations and the wide cooperation with Universities and trade organisations plays a vital role to achieve our ambitious goals.

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